Lesley - the Dollface


   A specialized upgrade of the Lester, the Lesley was designed to collect genetic samples and research the reproductive patterns of wild hominids by seducing the males of the species. Unfortunately, the camouflage proved as transparent and disturbing to humans as that of the Lester, necessitating hypnotic components to its stinking, memory-wiping toxic gas. Research subjects quickly forget the Lesley's appearance, recalling only some indistinct, invisible presence, or may remember the monster as an encounter with a past love.

   When discovered, a Lesley may inflate its fleshy tunic with gas and unleash a noisome explosion, knocking out all witnesses and launching itself several dozen yards. Its upper eye can extend hundreds of feet on a thin, flexible cable to monitor potential subjects, and it can safely split apart at the waist, its posterior fleeing with its brain intact as its largely empty upper body distracts attackers.

   Like the Lester, Lesley are often employed as combat minions, easily underestimated by monsters who have difficulty distinguishing the fast and powerful creature from a normal, vulnerable human.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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