LESTER - The Manbogey


   These chitinous Hominid mimics were originally designed to infiltrate remote, untouched colonies of Homo sapiens for covert scientific research, slipping in and out of human domiciles to monitor their most natural, wild behavioral patterns from discrete observation points and harvest unattended, clearly unwanted juveniles for tissue samples. The Lester's facade is further reinforced by its soothing psionic vibrations and pheromone excretions, while its data is protected by corrosive pseudoblood, amnesiatic gas sacs and a devastating self destruct mechanism initiated by the emergency evacuation of its ambulatory brain.

   Unexpectedly, all research subjects - even including neonates - consistently identified the foreign nature of Lester agents and responded with alarm or even hostility, presumably detecting some imperceptibly trivial flaw in the monster's camouflage. Fortunately, the Lester's disguise proved effective enough to all other beings that they continue to see use as bodyguards and intelligence operatives, posing as harmless, insignificant, negligibly nutritious humans until the right time to strike.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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