LOBOTOMASK - The Memory Leech


   This virtually unclassifiable lifeform appears to manifest spontaneously when an unstable brain is overloaded and destroyed by its own telekinetic force, an extremely rare occurence. It is impossible to verify what the Lobotomask is composed of, but it passes easily through solid matter and can be difficult to see, hear or feel to beings other than its intended prey. The creature itself can "see" nothing but mental activity, its world a dark void lit by the electrical pulses of every brain within thousands of miles. It is not known what, if anything, the Lobotomask actually feeds upon, but it is always drawn to the brightest, most active mind within reach, and will penetrate the victim with its twin "stingers" to seemingly drain away their thoughts, memories and emotions.

   The Lobotomask is constantly whistling, but only those it is hunting will perceive the sound.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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