Parasitic Incubus:



The smallest and most agile Devilbird, a Lust begins its infectious curse with a single quick sting of its proboscis, injecting a cluster of amoeboid neural cells that quickly permeate the victim's body. Surging with hormonal activity and plagued by bizarre, foreign thought processes, a host exhibits an escalating desire for sensory input of almost every variety, but their capacity for satisfaction is significantly impaired as the bulk of this stimulation is diverted to the Lust itself. Thus driven to ever more desperate acts of mating behavior, death-defying violence and other thrill seeking, the host becomes increasingly more likely to spread the infection via fluid exchange - sometimes passionately hurling themselves into the jaws of a significantly larger, deadlier monster in a last-ditch effort to feel anything at all.

A Lust has no physical defenses, but can stimulate the development of a new body at any time from the myocardium of any vertebrate host.


Even with an exponential orgy of passion and death rippling throughout its host network, a Lust experiences the collective input as little more than a simple, almost infantile joy, flitting and frolicking wherever it pleases without a care. Attracted to colorful, moving objects and anything unfamiliar, its playful curiosity can necessitate frequent respawns.


A Lust can spread chaos and mayhem at almost any scale, whether turning a horde of attackers on one another or robbing a single chosen target of all self-preservation instinct. Keeping it focused can be challenging, however, and a trainer cannot always be certain exactly where a death-prone Lust has decided to respawn, though it will usually manage to find its way home - especially if it misses its favorite toys.


LUST INFECTION: the sting of the Lust's beak causes dangerously reckless behavior, driven by a craving for excitement.



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