MALCONTENT - The Consuming Circus


   The largest of all Jokers but with very little actual mass, this membranous creature can fold into a smaller, more mobile configuration or unfurl into a huge, stationary "tent" emitting an invisible gaseous miasma. Even the most intelligent creatures exposed to its gas become convinced that there is something unfathomably fascinating within the monster's hollow body, and will experience pleasurable, fantastical hallucinations as they are slowly dissolved. Malcontent may be stationed as the entryways to subterranean Joker hives or employed by smaller colonies as mobile hives themselves, luring victims to be shared as food or used as incubators. Despite the chaos that ensues within them, Malcontent are unusually calm, patient Jokers often described as "dopey." Its external, cranial tongue constantly tastes the air for potential food.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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