MANGLEWOOD - The Root Shark


   Also known as dragonroots, the original Manglewood was engineered to protect its eccentric master's worthless, polluted swampland from "squatters" for centuries after his death, growing so massive that its gnarled branches now comprise most of the vast bog's solid ground. More modern copies may only be a fraction the original's size, but are still among the largest monsters in modern use, making powerful and terrifying guardian beasts. They prefer to burrow underground whenever possible, and construct elaborate mazes beneath well-hidden sinkholes to snare tresspassers. Though blind, their facial tentacles are extremely sensitive to motion, and their reflexes staggeringly precise.

  Fungi, lichen, moss and small invertebrates of every sort are known to colonize these creatures, adding even more effective camouflage to their twisted bodies.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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