Pustulated Gasser



One of the oldest bioweapon constructs, this amphibious biped produces a concentrated liquid malodorant within its own hollow bones. When this compound is pumped into the creature's gelatinous dorsal mantle, it rapidly expands into a gaseous state and inflates the honeycomb-like tissues into a mass of highly pressurized blisters.

When a Mattoon first feels threatened, its translucent chest flashes intensely red as it rapidly pulsates its blisters in a sloshing, bubbling threat display. If an attacker persists, it will use its lance-like index fingers to rupture one or more of its blisters and release thick gouts of its repulsive gas. The intensely sour putridity can incapacitate many monsters with bouts of uncontrollable dry heaving, profuse epiphora and a burning sensation in exposed mucosa that may persist for hours or even days before the notoriously stubborn residue loses the last of its potency, and even those creatures impervious to olfactory stimuli may lose track of the Mattoon through its visual and chemical smokescreen. Conversely, monsters that find the smell appealing - such as Blobotle or Septacle - may yet be neutralized by an intoxicating euphoria.

When all else fails, a Mattoon's blisters make a surprisingly effective shield; the highly elastic pockets are internally interconnected and yield to pressure in their relaxed state, making them quite difficult to puncture against the creature's will. By curling its body, it can enclose itself completely in its mantle and maneuver in a rolling, bouncing spheroid configuration.

The Mattoon is largely a detritivore, regurgitating digestive enzymes through its snuffling, funnel-like mouth to inhale broken-down carrion or fungi. Its complex respiratory system filters all possible contaminants and even permits oxygen intake underwater, allowing it to swim suspended from its gaseous raft by rippling its tail.

A Mattoon attracts a mate by "singing" simultaneously through its oral trunk and six nostrils, a sound like a chorus of gooselike honking and eerie groaning. Eggs are identical in composition and structure to the adult blisters, protecting each embryo in what will eventually become its own mantle.


Though feared and respected by most creatures with an olfactory system, the Mattoon is a modest and bashful monster that prefers to cause as little inconvenience as possible, infamously prone to apologizing as it unleashes its chemical weaponry. Despite this, it only feels all the more uncomfortable around creatures that enjoy its odor, especially Persephume, which easily become infatuated with it.


Even without utilizing its gases, a Mattoon is a defense-oriented battler, preferring to endure or evade whatever attacks it can and slowly wear down its opponent. Out of combat, minute and carefully distilled traces of its chemicals have a broad range of cosmetic and culinary uses.


NOXIOUS BLISTERS: the Mattoon's primary defense mechanism are explosive blisters filled with a reeking, eye-watering gas.

MORPH BOIL: the Mattoon can roll into a rubbery ball, hidden inside its own blisters.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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