MEGRIMORA - The Skulking Wormbrain


   Bred as a stealth sentry, this lopsided wormbrain hosts dozens of voracious sanguivorous roundworms, in turn controlled by tiny brain-flukes of their own. With many layers of chromatophores beneath its malleable skin, it can blend almost seamlessly with any terrain, even virtually shutting down its metabolic processes to better mask its presence as it slithers silently and swiftly on its muscular, sucker-like ventral side.    Unless specially instructed to infest and enslave a new host, the Megrimora will allow its horde to drain their victim completely of vital fluids and scavenge the remains. Their size varies considerably, from smaller, stealthier assassins to barely-mobile behemoths laid as living security systems. Rarely, they may betray their position with a snort or snicker, eager to see their worms at work.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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