MONEVOLOUS - The Dancing Sting



This monster can inject a deadly cocktail of multiple toxic compounds through its needle-like snout, inflicting a range of debilitating symptoms that may include blood clotting, morbid swelling, tissue death, organ failure, hallucinations, convulsions and paralysis. Quite strong, the creature can crush prey in its thorny, keratinous segments even without the aid of its sting, and can crack its entire body like a whip or fling itself through the air with considerable force, whirling like a deadly bolas. In addition to this slingshot maneuver, the Monevolous may slowly and silently "side-wind" on its spiny segments, "walk" with an end-over-end looping motion or even roll into a wheel, spines in or spines out. It can survive any physical injury and eventually regenerate as long as its head segment remains whole, and may willingly shed segments to escape the grasp of a predator.

Monevolous mate through their tail pincers, and the female's tail segment will eventually burst into dozens of tiny offspring. Young remain planted by their own tails for many months as they grow, their mother diligently bringing them prey and protecting them from larger, more formidable monsters, though very few creatures are willing to agitate a Monevolous "garden."

The segmentation of nearly every individual Monevolous boasts a unique sequence of colors, which the creature considers to be its true "name." Roughly one in a hundred specimens are born in only alternating shades of grey, and these "nameless" Monevolous are treated with an almost superstitious deference by their kind.


Monevolous are rambunctious, unscrupulous monsters that relish acts of trickery and intimidation, always up for fighting dirty and picking on creatures that fear being stung. They can be easily sidetracked by their love of music, which they will attempt to accompany with the washboard-like sound of their tail against their spines.


The venom of the Monevolous chemically matches a blend of every toxin produced by the Boo Man, Stingg, who seems to have commissioned their original design from an unknown engineer. The legendary monster is known to appear at social events with a Monevolous draped around her shoulders, a fashion statement often imitated by other owners of the creatures. Larger monsters may also carry a Monevolous like a living melee weapon, and in some cases a willing specimen has been physically grafted to another creature as an appendage.

Venomax are known to find the appearance of the Monevolous highly disturbing, and may require some coaxing to cooperate with one.


STINGING BEAK: the Monvelous can inject a lethal neurotoxin through its sharpened snout.

NEEDLE VICE: the creature's strong, spiny body can wrap around and crush prey.

FRAGMENTATION: the monster can survive being broken apart.

SLINGSHOT STRIKE: anchoring its pincer tail in place, the monster can whip its body with devastating strength. By releasing its grip at the right moment, this maneuver can also send it whirling through the air.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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