The largest of all Ectosaurs and among the largest of all known monsters, the Monstrougeist is thought to have been a global apex predator during the original reign of these mysterious creatures.


Due to its titanic scale, the Monstrougeist is bound much more by gravity than other Ectosaurs, but regulates its density to avoid sinking through the planetary crust and sluggishly "swim" through solid earth.

The Monstrougeist requires surprisingly little sustenance for its size, but prefers to eat its fill between extended periods of slow digestion. Its salivary secretions quickly break down organic matter into a semicorporeal form, enabling its passage through the monster's digestive system even with much of its body "submerged."

The sheer size of the Monstrougeist can be its only downfall, as smaller, faster monsters may have opportunity to target the tiny brain situated in a subtle swelling between its eyestalks.


Monstrougeist slime is orange, bubbling and almost magma-like in appearance, though cool to the touch. It dries and evaporates rapidly into a black, sooty vapor before dissipating entirely, leaving little sign of the monster's passing.


Easygoing and fearless, the Monstrougeist spends its entire existence drifting in and out of consciousness, its enormous form bobbing sleepily below the ground with only its eyestalks exposed. It seldom needs to expose more than its cranial "great appendages" and jaws to consume most meals, but enjoys circling and stalking prey for extended periods of time, displaying its dorsal spines and periodically leaping from the ground in a terrifying arc.

The approach of a Monstrougeist is felt first by the unconscious. During sleep, the monster's nervous system broadcasts unusually invasive psychovibrations, flooding the minds of other sleepers with indescribable, otherworldly dreams, most ending with some abstract impression of consuming or being consumed.


MONSTROUGEIST: It's a Monstrougeist.



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