What began in 2003 under the name "necromon" was initially no more than a dumping ground for some of my miscellaneous monster ideas in a setting that vaguely parodied franchises such as Pokemon and Digimon. Now entitled "MORTASHEEN", its menagerie of gruesome creatures continues to grow and the world they inhabit expands almost daily in the depths of my imagination. I'm far from professional at art, but I think I've illustrated their concepts adequately enough to finally warrant a webpage of their own, and perhaps even spark public interest in the online game concept that I've had so much fun plotting out.

   To sum it up as briefly as possible, Mortasheen is a vast, dark city ruled for thousands of years by power-hungry scientists and inhabited primarily by inhuman (or ex-human) entities who's lives focus heavily upon the strange, mutant monsters they create and command for every imaginable purpose. It's yet another world of collectable battle-monsters, but one with a lot more maggots. If you're as overcome by curiosity as you ought to be, click some of the monster names below for my crude pencil drawings and detailed descriptions!



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