MOTHNEASER - The Bleeding Hate


   The original Mothneaser is one of the great destructors lying dormant beneath Mortasheen city, awakening only in the face of cataclysmic threat. The towering, hovering figure of burnt and gnarled flesh can manipulate its own blood on the molecular level, creating appendages of any shape and density it desires. It may lash out with crystallized blades, puppeteer bodies with invasive tendrils or even scout for prey with temporary "blood golems." A single blood cell from a Mothneaser is capable of replicating in any organic material, allowing it to slowly overtake other creatures and destroy them from within.

   The destructors themselves have arisen to thwart all attempts at their perfect duplication, but heavily inferior reproductions, while difficult to create and dangerous to control, are virtually unsurpassed in battle by any other monstrosity.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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