NECROAK - The Organ Donor


   As a support-class monster, the Necroak has very little offensive or defensive capability of its own, but was designed to provide quick, temporary medical assistance in combat situations. Constantly regenerating, its delicious flesh and viscera are packed with unusual proteins that multiply rapidly in the bodies of other creatures to physically patch wounds, fortify muscle tissues and invigorate the nervous system. Zombies seem to benefit the most, regaining entire lost appendages within minutes of ingesting a Necroak's tissues. Unfortunately, the effects last only hours at a time, after which the user may be weaker and more damaged than ever before.

   A Necroak's redundant internal organs grow continuously, forcing the creature to purge them itself between duties. It often leaves viscera to rot in the sun and accumulate maggots, its favorite prey.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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