NECROMON - The Progenitor Homonculoid


   No monster or mechanism is as valuable to the city of Mortasheen as the microscopic "Homonculoids." Engineered from raw human genes, these nanomonsters can replicate, repair and modify life on the cellular level to such an extreme that even long dead material can be rebuilt into a functioning organism. Homonculoids are believed to have been the first basal monsters ever created, and are essential in the replication of bioconstructs both organic, inorganic and between. Specialized telepaths known as Necromizers can even precisely control Homonculoids created with their own DNA, puppeteering corpses as tireless minions or completely rejuvenating the dead on the spot.

   Homonculoids are generally short-lived and completely unintelligent without telepathic direction or electronic programming, but a phenomenally rare mutation can cause a Homonculoid to live well past its natural lifespan, gradually increasing in size and awareness. Capable of controlling their own kind with unmatched precision, less than a dozen of these rogue Homonculoids have ever been recorded and most are scarcely visible to the naked eye, but at least one has grown to relatively titanic proportions and unfathomable power. Nearly three feet from head to tail, the legendary "Necromon" wanders the deepest sewers of Mortasheen surrounded by an invisible cloud of its tiny bretheren, casually reconfiguring any sentient bioform in its path. Some are disassembled into oblivion, others are reshaped without rhyme or reason and still others emerge from the attack healthier, stronger and vastly more intelligent than ever before. The creature seems to respond negatively or positively in proportion to the emotions it encounters, annihilating the violent and rewarding the gentle.

   The Necromon's precise age is unknown, but it is rumored to have been the first single Homonculoid ever created, placing its potential age at least several hundred thousand years. All attempts to force the development of a Homonculoid into a true Necromon have failed; the result is either a "false" Necromon barely more effective than a conventional Necromizer, or a true Necromon too infantile to control its powers, unleashing a nightmare wave of biological chaos before inevitable self-destruction. Further experimentation of this nature is forbidden under one of Mortasheen's very few laws, though it is the rare geneticist who would even dare risk the indescribable horror of past failures.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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