NEPENTHEREAL - "Witch's Vase"


A product of an ancient, tribal civilization of subtropical mutants, the Nepenthereal is thought to have been used in ritualistic medicine and spiritual rites of passage, which may have accounted for the rapid disappearance of its creators. Highly territorial, it erupts into a wild "threat dance" when provoked and exudes multiple "pheromone dolls;" toxic constructs under its direct control. Contact with these vaporous puppets is extremely psychotropic, and victims may perceive them any number of horrific and disorienting ways.

Despite its genetic heritage, the Nepenthereal is not directly carnivorous, but collects the heads of prey to ferment over a great length of time in its digestive sack, shrinking them to a fraction their original size as they are fed upon by symbiotic bacteria, fungi and midge larvae.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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