NEUROCULUS - "Memory Sucker"


"Uh ohh...signal's fading still drinking that soda?"

   A small, delicate and nervous monster with an insatiable sweet tooth, the Neuroculus is well protected by the electrical discharges and invaluable cognotransmissive capabilities of its two huge, antenna-like neurons.


The "eyes" or "antennae" of a Neuroculus are essentially two highly modified and grossly enlarged neurons, adapted to establish a long-distance connection with the brains of other organisms in order to send and receive data. The monster can see, hear, feel and know anything experienced or remembered by a cognitive being within its signal range, and even transfer that information to another recipient, willing or otherwise. It is by this system that the Neuroculus navigates its surroundings, sensing the world vicariously through other conscious entities.

The monster's antennae generate high levels of electricity as they operate, which can be stored in its body for later application. Its constant, complex neural activity also necessitates a high intake of glucose, and it may consume up to twice its weight in sugars on a daily basis.


The Neuroculus is an emotionally sensitive being, prone to unexpected bouts of anxiety and inconvenient levels of compassion, often questioning the need for offensive maneuvers and reluctant to cause harm even more purposes of self preservation. It also prefers being slightly moist, and tends to complain in drier climates despite suffering no significant harm.

In order to maintain optimum performance, a Neuroculus will require a source of sugar, such as a juice box or honey stick, though it will often exaggerate its need during particularly delicate operations.


The mental data transfer system of the Neuroculus has myriad uses in communication, espionage, education, journalism, home security and even active combat, where it can force enemy units to experience anything from the same pain and distress they are inflicting to the disorienting visual input of a nearby moth. Its generation of electricity pales in comparison to such monsters as the Abcoulix, but it can still unleash a paralyzing energy bolt or blinding shower of sparks.

   The ultimate weapon of the Neuroculus is by far its dreaded Mnemonic Feedback Spiral. Focusing both neuronson the same target, it simultaneously receives and transmits a stream of memories to and from the same being, trapping them, from their perspective, in a repeating loop of past experiences. The sympathetic Neuroculus is prone to picking out "pleasant" memories to repeat, but may delve into stressful, even traumatic scenarios under dire enough circumstances, or simply force the subject to repeat its last few actions. Subjects are generally unaware that they're perceiving a reconstruction of their past, though they may notice increasingly peculiar inconsistencies. Even after contact with the Neuroculus is broken, the effect may persist until the subject fights through the illusion or blunders its way into danger.


ELECTRICAL SHOCK: The Neuroculus can generate electricity from its highly active, magnified neural cells, strong enough to cause some significant pain and tissue damage.

DATA TRANSFER: The Neuroculus can pick up a constant stream of sensations, thoughts and memories from any other being within a certain range, and send them to another recipient being across almost any distance.

MNEMONIC FEEDBACK SPIRAL:The Neuroculus can force another being to re-live memories again and again. The victim is effectively blind and deaf during this process, its surroundings overlayed with situations from its past which it reacts to as it originally did. This loop takes time to escape, breaking down gradually even without the Neuroculus present.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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