NOZO - The Needle Joker


   Often employed for entertainment at birthday parties, nurseries and theme parks, this extremely stretchy, high-bouncing monster can wobble to and fro but never falls down. A popular game is to take turns striking a Nozo to see who is the first to be impaled on its proboscis, which injects a psychotropic digestive enzyme. Small doses result in only localized, harmless tissue liquification; prolonged injection can reduce an entire body to mush while the victim only giggles.

   Nozo produce a variety of cartoonish sproings, boings, honks, cuckoos, hee-haws, quacks, giggles, and bloodcurdling screams of hellish agony to keep children amused, but naturally communicate by a seal-like whooping bark. If a fully inflated Nozo is punctured - which takes an impressive amount of force - it may explode in a shower of confetti-like acidic powder.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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