A biofusion between hominid and a dragonfly in its aquatic "nymph" stages, the Nymphernal is a silent, stealthy lurker with an often instantly lethal bite.


The Nymphernal's slothful movement and equally sluggish metabolism allow it to survive for extended periods between meals, often concealing itself in an algae-choked pool or a wet garbage pit until prey blunders within striking distance of its highly modified lower jaw. This deadly appendage can lash out with enough force to punch neatly through the torso of the average hominid or arthropoid prey, or even shatter the armor plating of a pus barnacle in a single blow.

Like its arthropod base, the Nymphernal breathes in aquatic environments through its anal opening, and can force water from the orifice to propel itself in short bursts. So long as it retains a water supply in its abdomen, it can function on land for several days at a time.


Though effectively separate species, Nymphernal recognize their root kinship with adult dragonfly fusions, or Apteros, and the two monsters have been known to coordinate their hunting tactics to maximize their success, though the calm, calculating and easygoing Nymphernal may grow weary of the brash, exciteable and sometimes foolhardy Apteros.


Like Apteros, Nymphernal make excellent hunting partners and combat monsters, though with an almost polar opposite strategy. They are superb at ambush tactics, often immediately recognizing an ideal vantage point and accurately predicting their target's most likely course of action.


BLAST BITE: the Nymphernal can lash out its lower jaw with devastating speed and force.

AQUATIC BREATHING: the Nymphernal can breathe in air or water, and use liquid environments to its advantage in ambushing prey.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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