OCULAPUS - The Tentacled Spy


   This highly intelligent molluscoid has a sophisticated sense of vision and can telepathically transmit what it sees over many miles to a designated receiver, usually its creator. Able to slip through tight spaces, camouflage its body against any surface and expel a cloud of inky vapor to mask its escape, it makes one of the most effective and popular monsters for surveillance and reconnaissance. Unfortunately, its powerful eye and detail-oriented brain contribute to a universal agoraphobia; Oculapus loathe being seen in the open, and cannot comfortable operate without some form of armor or casing they can carry with them, exiting it only when they need to slink through ducts and crevasses. Diving helmets, still in popular use for Mortasheen sewer-workers, seem to suit them perfectly, and are even produced by some corporations with Oculapus in mind.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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