OOGABOO - The Sack Phantom


   This curious monster naturally consists of little more than a nervous membrane lining a tough, fibrous "skin" of interweaving keratin fibers, a biological imitation of the original Oogaboo's cloth body. It continuously grows internal organs, but has no use for them and often discards them of its own accord. It feeds on fluids drained through its probing fingers, leaving brittle, withered vegetation and small, mummified fauna in its path.

  While physically feeble, the Oogaboo experiences an irresistible compulsion to induce terror, emitting a range of subsonic patterns and pheromone concoctions designed to rapidly escalate the anxiety and nervousness of most other beings. Even those well familiar with an Oogaboo may find themselves uncontrollably terrified of the small, fragile being, losing themselves to blind panic when it finally lets loose an eerie wail or graphically exposes its organs.

   By far the Oogaboo's most impressive weapon is its ability to project its consciousness as a roaming kinetic field, strong enough to manipulate dead or inanimate material as a temporary vessel. Most often, an Oogaboo will transfer itself to a corpse, though it may take control of machinery, clothing, weapons or bits of surrounding detritus, fashioning grotesque and even lethal puppets until it snaps back to its true body.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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