OOVULE - The Moonbaby


   A contender for the single largest monster on record, this gleaming white titan has naturally spawned on only one known occasion, making its way to the planet's then-highest point where it calmly arose into space, never to be seen again. In its wake, millions of dead organisms were rapidly reconstructed and revitalized, even zombies returning completely to "life" before they began to decay once more.

   Clones of the original Oovule rarely survive their first breath of air, and those that do suffer the same strange compulsion to leave the planet by any means necessary, a difficult drive to discourage. How they reconstruct the dead is not yet understood, and communication only reveals an infant-like mentality.

   It is widely believed that the generation of an Oovule is the ultimate intended purpose of the multiple symbiotic pathogens responsible for the restless death affecting all known Homo sapiens, making other zombie spawn little more than incomplete prototypes or accidental by-products of the process. Whether the viruses are engineered, evolved or wholly alien remains a mystery.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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