OPTICAPER - The Puppet Joker


   Despite its name and appearance, this particularly rare Joker has a poor sense of vision and specializes in the manipulation of sound. A master of ventriloquism and mimicry, it can also generate a cloak of illusion to disguise its bird-like "puppets" in any form imaginable. It may develop up to a dozen of these appendages at any given time, but only one, armed with wicked claws, is its true lower body. Toxic gases emitted by the creature elevate the happiness and diminish the judgment skills of potential prey, allowing its "puppet shows" to charm even the most intelligent quarry.

   An Opticaper feeds primarily on blood slurped through its multiple beaks and digested within its massive eyeball, turning the orb a deep red after every meal. When cornered, it sprays blood and other excess fluids from its clawed anus or sheds its living "puppets" to serve as a distraction.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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