OVULOOGE - The Egg Jelly


   The peculiar Ovulooge begins its existence as a deformed, mindless, hog-sized amphibioid incapable of defending or even feeding itself, but constantly produces self-fertilizing gelatinous eggs. While the majority of offspring remain in a permanent embryonic state, they can communicate with one another not unlike the cells of a brain, forming a colonial monster that thinks and functions as one. Nutrients are absorbed and distributed by the gelatinous matrix itself, which can form surprisingly powerful pseudopoda as the colony desires.

   Ovulooge thrive best in warm, wet environments, and are particularly attracted to stagnant water. Eggs that break away from the colony rarely survive, but a small fraction may develop into mature spawners and produce colonies of their own. Wild colonies often join with one another to create even more massive conglomerates, and may transform entire wetlands into living deathtraps.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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