Broodsac Lindwurm


The Broodsac Wormbrains are characterized by a large trematoid parasite branching throughout their soft bodies, filling the host creature's membranous eyeballs with colorful, pulsing brood sacs packed full of brain fluke embryos. Mesmerizing psychowaves transfix creatures meeting the gaze of these modified eyes, and compel the victims to drink parasite-laden slime from the sacs themselves.


The largest of the broodsac Wormbrains, most of this monster's huge, slimy body is solid muscle tissue, its externalized spinal column shielding its few reduced internal organs and the true heart of its parasite colony. Though its hypnosis is more limited in range, a Parasidious can squirt streams of highly adhesive mucus at high velocity from glands beneath its diminutive arms, lassoing prey from afar and reeling it in to meet the creature's gaze. Combining its psychic lure with nearly invisible mucus webs, it regularly goes "sky fishing" for the birds that constitute most of its preferred diet.

A Parasidious broodsac can detach from the main body and locomote for some distance before expiring, a new sac almost always ready to replace it from deep within the creature. The pulsations of its many sacs in unison produces a deep, rumbling vibration with a beat subtly unique to every individual.


The Parasidious is a lazy, gloomy and lonesome creature by nature, preferring to skulk in the darkness of deep caves, crypts or sewage tunnels where it may spend more than 90% of its existence fast asleep, often only motivated to infest an intruder for the sake of silence and solitude. The creature does, however, exhibit an enthusiasm for shiny objects or "preciouses," from priceless crystals to discarded beverage cans, and can often be found sleeping atop a tremendous heap of collected "treasure."

Craving them as prey, a Parasidious can be quite knowledgeable of local avian and pseudoavian fauna, and may continue bird-watching for many hours after satiating itself. A Parasidious den is often decorated with the plumage of favorite species, strung together with dried slime into dazzling garlands.

APPLIANCE: Parasidious are ill-suited for direct combat, but their hypnopulsation, cerebroparasitism, adhesive secretion and sheer bulk present myriad tactical possibilities, and beneath their superficially slothful, apathetic exterior is a scheming mind capable of improvising devious strategies on short notice...even if it always prefers to let infested brains do most of the thinking while it curls up and naps.

The rhythmic, bass vibrations of an alert Parasidious are a prized addition to many dance clubs.


COLONIAL MIND: the monster's consciousness is distributed across multiple organisms, giving it immunity to mind-altering substances and psychowave attacks.

HYPNOTIC BROODSACS: meeting the gaze of the Parasidious has a mesmerizing effect on sapient creatures.

BRAIN FLUKE INFESTATION: ingestion of slime from the monster's broodsacs can enslave a creature to its hive mind.

MUCUS WEBBING: the monster can fire ropes of strong, sticky slime from its armpits.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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