PHALANGE - The Chatterer


   It is not known when or why these bone-plated monsters were originally created, but early designs have been uncovered in crypts dating back thousands of years. They are incessantly chattering their large jaws, a sound that can carry their psychic waves like the sonar of a bat, sensing their surroundings as accurately as though they had functional eyes. This same sound can carry their primary method of attack; a silent psychic pulse that instills temporary insanity in potential prey.

   A Phalange's clawed, worm-like tongue is its true mouth, and cuts food into small chunks to be swallowed whole. Its exoskeleton is perpetually damp, yellowed and moldy with a strong urine-like odor. It is prone to random outbursts of dancing, and is fascinated by drum beats.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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