PNEUMANIA - "Phantom Chills"


MACROFORM: Fond of cool, damp conditions where it can feed on mildew, fungi, cobwebs and gastropod trails, this drifting, luminous Fectoid prefers to be left alone in abandoned buildings, bat caves, bogs or hollow trees. It will usually attempt to drive intruders from its territory with its subsonic howl, which induces uncontrollable fear and panic. It glows brilliantly under the full moon, and has been known to imitate lantern light in an attempt to confuse interlopers.

MICROFORM: Victims of Pneumania develop a green-blue, phosphorescent sheen, intense rigor, joint stiffness and numbness. As the delusion of freezing cold worsens, so too does a sense of paranoia and extreme cowardice, though hosts will defend themselves violently at the slightest touch - even from trusted associates.

REPRODUCTION: An infected host will eventually seek out what it believes is a "safe" and "warm" place, somewhere dark, quiet and moist, to enter a hibernative state. Pneumania's microbial bodies will assemble into several large, pink "toadstools" from the host's flesh, each housing a single embryonic macroform. Hosts usually survive, but may be severely weakened.

PERSONALITY: a Pneumania is itself an incredibly fearful being, always convinced of some impending, inevitable disaster or another and breaking into mad panic at the slightest surprise, but seems to glean a certain degree of pleasure from its own terror, growing quickly bored if too much time passes without a major scare.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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