PSYCHODROME - The Brain Rotter


   Perhaps closer to a "phenomenon" than a "monster," the Psychodrome is an ordinary electronic display, usually a television, that has bonded to the nearest mind upon receiving a mysterious extra-dimensional signal. Through this curious connection, the device becomes dimly self-aware and functions for its new symbiote as a psychic feeding apparatus, constantly receiving and metabolizing the thoughts of other creatures through a bizarre array of organic antennae.

   The Psychodrome seeks to prolong its abstract existence by any means necessary, becoming fiercely protective of its bonded partner. Broadcasting bizarre, incomprehensible telepathic signals, it can warp the perceptions of others and even cause permanent brain damage or memory loss.

   The forces by which Psychodrome are created has proven difficult to study, but may represent the heavily deteriorated echoes of ancient mental warfare. Psychotransmissions are believed to ripple through the continuum indefinitely, and on rare occasions, may be "bounced back" to conventional reality in a heavily distorted form. What these brainwaves are actually "bouncing" off from is not known.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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