PTERANORMAL - The Haunting Demishade


   Like the mysterious Shades who toil in Mortasheen city's inner workings, the Demishades consist mostly of a crystalloid skeleton and organs suspended in an energy-absorbing fluid matrix, resembling beings of pitch darkness outside of their protective biofiber skins.


Winding like a worm and crowing like a bird, the mysterious Pteranormal is ignorant of gravity, oblivious to most physical damage, and capable of loosening its atomic structure to drift through solid matter or feed upon such paraphysical entities as Xenogog or the Ectosaurs, its tubular form stretching to accomodate prey of any size as they are torn apart at the molecular level by its internal matrix.

The Pteranormal retains memories of almost any organism it consumes, and can reproduce almost any voice or sound, often giving the impression that the deceased are speaking through its body.


Feral pteranormal communicate little, spending most of their time simply roaming in search of their next meal.


It is believed that the Pteranormal exists to hunt down and eliminate any monster posing a significant enough problem to the inner workings of Mortasheen or the safety of its Shade population, hence its adaptations for the pursuit and neutralization of threats that may even defy conventional physical law. As a companion to researchers, explorers and monster trainers it spends much of its time silently watching over its allies from hiding, its tendrils spread in all directions to detect threats from any angle.


QUASIBIOLOGICAL: the monster's mix of organic and inorganic components renders it highly resistant to extreme environments and many microbial or chemical weapons.

SEMICORPOREAL: the Pteranormal can pursue prey or escape attackers even through solid barriers.

MEMORY ABSORBTION: the Pteranormal assimilates information from the minds of consumed creatures.

AUDIO MIMICRY: the monster can reproduce any sound.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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