PUSTULUMP - The Boilback


   This slimy-skinned mammaloid conceals its fragile body under a fleshy hood swollen with symbiotic bacterial colonies. By flexing a specialized muscular network, the Pustulump can rupture one or more of its throbbing abscesses to splatter its surroundings with hot, syrupy pus and sebacious oils, spreading a violent infection to organic matter. Slow but patient, it will follow the rotting smell of diseased prey for miles, gradually catching up as they weaken and collapse. With a single tiny fang, it lances the victim's boils one by one and drinks their contents.

   The true face of a Pustulump is a warped and mangled mass of blisters unique to every individual. It willingly reveals its face only to a Pustulump of the opposite sex, during a mating ritual where pus is exchanged via prolonged "kissing." Young are protected under their mother's hood until sixteen weeks of age, nursing on infected milk until their own bacterial colonies are stabilized.

   Wild Pustulump will seal their bodies limpet-like to smooth surfaces, sometimes lying in wait for years before food passes by.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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