RAGAMUFFET - The Worm Nanny


   Employed primarily in childcare, the Ragamuffet is generally too frail to engage in physical combat, but protects itself and its young charges with the symbiotic worms thickly infesting its interior. Plucked from its head and thrown at an attacker, they burrow deep into the body, growing and multiplying as they gorge on flesh. Hosts feel no pain, but experience a deep sense of affection towards the Ragamuffet - the primitive feelings of the parasites themselves - and will valiantly defend the very creature responsible for their slow and gruesome destruction. When there is nothing left to consume, the worms will quickly expire, sprouting into buttercup-like flowers that persist for weeks.

  A Ragamuffet's worms will take their own initiative to attack if their "mother" is injured, though the creature can easily re-form if dismembered. It smells strongly of cake, and produces the sound of a loud but soothing heartbeat. Its skeleton is comprised almost entirely of small segments, giving it a snakelike flexibility.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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