REPULSATE - The Brain Boiler


   The Repulsate is a cold-loving amphibious predator capable of producing and projecting intense microwave radiation from its cranial sac, rapidly cooking prey from the inside out.


Lacking a true brain, the Repulsate's nervous system is distributed in chains of ganglia throughout its soft, flexible body, leaving room in its massive, throbbing cranium for a complex biochemical microwave generator. This system can direct energy waves powerful enough to boil water and fry living tissues from a distance of several yards, and its anterior surface temperature can burn hot enough for the monster to tunnel with alarming speed through solid ice.

Repulsate are oviparous, laying leathery, sausage-shaped eggs in connected chains. The first juvenile to emerge typically roasts its unhatched siblings in their shells, beginning its life with several day's worth of food.


A Repulsate favors extremely cold temperatures, particularly where it can burrow through thick layers of ice and snow. While not necessarily social, it may congregate with others of its kind out of convenience, collectively generating false "springs" where unsuspecting creatures are quickly boiled to death.

Repulsate produce no sound but a rumbling groan similar to the bellow of larger crocodilians.


Repulsate are often utilized in the exploration of frozen environments, and make particularly effective protection against ravenous penguin colonies, though even the best trained Repulsate is often forced to flee from the relentless onslaught of the voracious birds.

In combat, a Repulsate tends to focus its energy waves on the cranium of its adversary, literally boiling the brain and often causing the prey's skull to explode outright, much to its delight.


MICROWAVE PULSE: the monster can direct microwave energy to heat water molecules and rapidly cook most organic beings from a distance.

SURFACE HEAT: the monster's cranium is itself searing hot to the touch, scorching flesh and boiling surrounding fluids.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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