Carnivorous Deceiver



This rare and reviled ambush predator obtains many of its meals through its convincing imitation of a Salivite, even producing a similar sound, smell and slime with the same calming sedative effects. As its prey grows drowsier, however, its slime congeals into a glutinous mire and it springs to attack from beneath its rubbery decoy body, rending the victim with its hooked tentacles and threshing jaws.

A Salibite's entire upper skin surface collects visual information from its surroundings, and its antennae are sensitive to the thermal signature of other life forms.


Much more intelligent than the simple and gentle Salivite, the Salibite tends to perceive itself as an ingenious trickster, even if much of its prey consists of ignorant wild animals or monsters so critically injured that they have nothing else to lose if they risk the now quite infamous odds of a Salibite.


Competitive monster battle is where the Salibite's disguise has more impressive consequences, as an opponent must wager which of two very different monsters has really been deployed. Both may even be utilized at once, to be swapped in place strategically - especially if an opposing team attempts to take its own advantage of the true Salivite.

A Salibite is also quite effective at drawing in and trapping wildlife for scientific or culinary purposes. While this is technically also true of the Salivite, the Salibite can slaughter meat sources without assistance, and without mindlessly regenerating them again.


SLIME TRAP: the Salivibite's slime has a sedative effect, and rapidly hardens like glue.

DECOY SALIVITE: the creature's mantle is a convincing imitation of a harmless, helpful Salivite.

TENTACLES: the monster is armed with two extremely powerful tentacles ending in many tough, sharp hooks.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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