Restorative Slime Fountain



This sluggish, soft-bodied monster is widely recognized by most other life forms as a source of rejuvenation and comfort; its warm, frothy and exfoliating slime carrying with it an arsenal of antibiotics, pain relievers, biochemical stimulants and trillions of amoebic homonculoids which analyze surrounding tissues, adapt to their growth factors and develop into duplicate cells wherever there is damage to be mended. Most wounds are filled in within seconds by the process, while missing organs are replaced with at least minimal functionality in a matter of hours. During this soothing spa-like treatment, the Salivate enjoys its fill of the subject's dead cells, lower intestinal contents and other waste materials through the feeding mechanism on its tail.

A Salivite is blind, its delicate tentacles are potent chemoreceptors and its skin patches sensitive to echolocation as it emits high-pitched ululations from its two antennae. This distinctive sound and its unique fragrance - almost a "roasted" petrichor and mint - attracts sick and injured monsters from miles away, which know well not to harm one another if they want their own chance at treatment. Only Fectoids fear the Salivite, fizzling and breaking apart when exposed to its slime.


A Salivite will commonly generate a long term slime pool in which to reside, and spends most of its time either resting beneath the surface or broadcasting its signals to potential "customers." Peaceful by nature, it defends itself only nonviolently, employing its sedatives to leave hostile visitors in a compliant daze. Under more dire circumstances, it may finally utilize its homonculoids to temporarily encase the attacker in a solid mass of tough, rubbery flesh or wall itself off by similar means.


Few monsters are as widely valued or beloved as the Salivite, its territory traditionally marked by locals with distinct green and white bullseye patterns mimicking its own skin patches. In the field, it is sometimes transported in a mobile vat or tank.

A Salivite's slime is inert if separated from contact with the monster, but is also considered delicious, especially as a dessert topping.


HEALING SLIME: the Salivite's slime secretion can immediately mend wounds and rejuvenate other monsters.

FLESH CEMENT: in an emergency, the creature's regenerative homonculoids can solidify into a thick, tough skin.



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