Almost every fall season, I'd always managed to come up with a new and special series of Mortasheen monsters just in time for Halloween, but in 2018, I just couldn't seem to find the time or energy between so many other projects. One thing that still comes easily to me, however, is the sketching stage, and there are times when I sit down with a notebook and easily come up with over a dozen new monsters in just a few minutes.

So, the thought occured to me that maybe people might like to see some monsters "canonized" from my sketches whether or not I put hours and hours into refining, inking and coloring them, and that if I put my mind to it, I could very easily come up with a hundred monsters in only a matter of weeks.

So, that is just what I thought I might challenge myself to do. I won't even draw from my enormous backlog of existing concepts here, but force myself to come up with entirely new monsters as I go along, come up with quick names and descriptions for them only after scanning them, and making them an official part of the Mortasheen universe forever.

I just spent the final two hours of my Halloween night coming up with thirteen quickie Mortasheen creatures in a single sitting, and I'm posting them with just a half hour of Halloween left in my time zone. Over the next few weeks, I intend to come up with additional batches of thirteen at a time with a final goal of at least fifty to a hundred, and this will obviously result in some very strained monsters, maybe even some downright terrible ones...but that is exactly what I want to happen. Sometimes, the best ideas of all only come about through desperate reaching, and whether I even like all of these monsters or not, I'm sure someone else, somewhere, is bound to appreciate their inclusion in the setting.



A crude, common monster employed for combat as well as construction and repair work. While not especially strong, it can whip its limbs and head with enough force to chop and tear through materials at least as tough as wood and bone. It can spring nearly a kilometer into the air to bring its many teeth and nails down on prey from above, and emits a disorienting squeal as it descends.


A sinister creature that can spew its bright blue bile from its shoulder polyps, which ignites into flame after several seconds of contact with air and produces a dizzying, reeking purple smoke. By pumping air alone through its hoses, it can produce a bagpipe-like "song" from its polyps to impress potential mates or propel itself rapidly through water.


Also known as the "bounding slurper," the Sloarbule runs and leaps with blinding speed, whipping at its prey with its multiple tongues. These appendages are both strong and adhesive enough to tear off strips of skin as the creature dashes by, often before the victim ever knew what attacked them. Should an attacker aim for its heads, its brain may be situated in any of the three skulls, while the other two house highly pressurized sacs of acid.


This large, almost stony-skinned monster is so dense and heavy that it prefer to roll rather than walk, like a runaway boulder. Most adversaries are crushed with ease, but it can unleash a bolt of electricity from its throat if necessary, an emergency defense which "shuts its down" for several hours.


An ancient bioweapon associated with a mad bio-cult. It dances about nimbly on its three tiny legs and cackles as it strikes with its sharp, chitinous cranium and retractable tentacles, the latter lined with millions of microscopic, metallic scales that allow the seemingly smooth tendrils to shred through flesh.


Usually retracted inside of its levitating, silicon-based shell, the Eedleverp can reduce organic matter to mush with its whirling cyclone of razor sharp microcrystalks, emerging from the shell to feed only when the coast is clear. The needles on its shell are extremely brittle, hollow, and filled with a fluid that can cause allergic shock.


An extremely rare and mysterious bioconstruct attracted to sources of radioactive energy. Creatures gazing into its colorful, radiant eyes feel intensely nauseous but unable to look away, eventually succumbing to the sensation of extreme illness and passing out. The monster feeds on body fluids through its shoulder hooks.


A large and primitive war beast, much older than the more sophisticated biological weaponry of today. The Cragsnap relies solely on its brute strength to defend itself, and surprisingly prefers a plant-based diet. Its four-eyed stalk can extend to impressive lengths to see around obstacles, or retract completely into its hard-shelled body.


Covered in dense, coarse, pitch black fur, the Shroath is heavily insulated against extremes of temperature and can be found in bitterly cold or blisteringly hot environments. Compounds in its own blood are highly flammable when exposed to a gas emitted by the tips of its oral petals, allowing the creature to seemingly "breathe fire." It has no eyes, but is extremely sensitive to the heat signatures of other organisms.


The Grikkler is a creature that constantly chatters, clatters and rattles its long, bony form, a warning that its every bodily fluid is lethally poisonous. Even breathing the same air in close enough proximity to the monster can cause respiratory damage, and touching its surface can blister skin. It can continue functioning quite well if broken into multiple pieces, and may deliberately split apart to surround and corral an enemy. Its grows in length continuously throughout its life, adding new segments and appendages as necessary, and there are specimens capable of forming a toxic "fence" a hundred feet in length around their prey.


A traditional battle mount, this monster is strong enough to support the average humanoid rider and still achieve significant land speeds. The thick spikes in its powerful thagomizer are reinforced with metal, lined with microbarbs and easily left behind in an adversary's body. When threatened, it can spew forth a glittering, bright yellow smokescreen from its throat and sinuses.


Frequently hiding itself in deep pits of its own black, ink-like waste matter, a sting from any one of this monster's needles causes almost total sensory loss, plunging the victim into darkness and silence as the Xilig drags it back to its pool and begins to feed with its rasping mouth.


Anything that can smell the sharp, sour miasma of the Gorgroan has already been contaminated with its infectious cells, which induce a state of constant terror and paranoia in the host and a fixation on the Gorgroan in particular as their ultimate fear, despite the below-average physical threat posed by the fairly weak monster. The sound of its strange, hollow wail is especially harrowing to its victims, to the point that if left with no alternative, they may sooner perish than allow the Gorgroan to approach any closer.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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