We began with thirteen, but we'll continue these ten at a time - OFFICIAL, canon Mortasheen monsters spontaneously improvised and doodles as I go along!



The Jim is one of the older, less fashionable starter monsters, emphasizing bite strength over much else. It is still quite strong, though not nearly so much as the Gromory, and a much more formidable leaper. Its eyes, protected just under its skin, are visible only when they shine with light - a warning that the creature has tasted blood and entered its berserk state.


A wild, jabbering creature that bounces madly on its tripodial legs, incapable of only walking or running. Its whiplike antenna remains oriented in the direction of its intended path - or prey - however frantically it may leap and twirl. In an emergency, it can fire the small spines on its back.


This very small monster is feared for the invisible, pain-inducing ray it can emit from its eye, a force only slightly encumbered by physical barriers. If it wishes for its presence to be known, it furiously rattles the loose pellets in the hollow bulbs of its chitinous head.


Te Skarth is primitive but highly effective hunting monster, known for their incredible sense of smell and disorienting, booming cry. It is capable of producing enough body heat to sear the flesh of prey, and channel it to its many crystalline talons until they glow a burning white.


This large, powerful battle mutant's primary brain suffers a lack of intelligence and delayed reaction time, but the secondary brain in its serpentine esophagus is sensitive and quick-witted, doing its best to alert the rest of its plodding, gluttonous body to danger. When it must protect itself, it belches forth a dense, white fog of chlorine gas.


A huge, ancient design shrouded in mystery, this monster is remarkably lightweight and nimble for its size, capable of moving swiftly and silently on its six spidery limbs. Vibrations it emits cause dread, confusion and minor audio-visual hallucinations in its general vicinity. It emits mildly sickening levels of radiation and emits a sound similar to a chorus of bells.


Transparent as pure crystal, this monster has precise control over how light passes through its every cell, allowing it to blend with its surroundings or light up in a gleaming blaze that blinds all onlookers. It has similar control over the strength of its siliceous exoskeleton, rendering its horns and claws impenetrably tough or brittle enough to shatter in an enemy's flesh.


A small, scurrying monster ideal for beginners who desire a creature with impressive speed, heightened senses and the intelligence to carry out more complex orders. Its speed alone is typically enough protection, but it may inflate itself with air and extend its many fleshy thorns in an emergency. If punctured in this state, much of its body explodes violently in a ball of flame...though it will typically retain enough of its underlying structure to scuttle away at last.


A large monster that can inflict significant enough damage with its snapping jaws and whiplike tail, but is best known for its boiling, sputtering saliva, which expands rapidly on contact with air. The resulting mountain of burning, green foam lasts only minutes, but completely hides the beast as it drags prey inside to be broiled alive.


This soft, slimy monster can shift most of its body between a solid or liquid state and expand many times its original volume when immersed in water, giving an impression of "merging" with and controlling water as an extension of its body. This versatile mechanism is more than enough to overpower many adversaries, but it may also rupture a series of sacs in its throat to pollute its own matrix with a noxious, green poison. Though it holds out longer than most prey, it eventually succumbs to these toxins itself and must spend several weeks recuperating in a comatose state.



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