A bulky, heavy monster whose muscular neck can shoot out to twice its body length, with enough force to smash through barriers with its rock-solid skull or even deliver a long-range chomp of its beaklike jaws. Its brain is the size of a walnut.


A tough war beast protected by a secondary set of eyes on its venomous tail. Its back houses a secondary, flying body guided by the signals emitted from two delicate, branching antennae.


Usually retracted into its tough, spiny shell, the Skeksath's two long, boneless heads are densely coated in fine, red needles that can be fired with considerable force.


Hangs from cave ceilings by its two long, thin legs and attempts to drop down on prey. The sight of its brilliantly flashing eyes confuses the onlooker's sense of scale, distance and direction.


This tough beast can dispatch many attackers with its claws, fangs and tail alone, but its blind dorsal eyes can emit burning rays and its hot, black breath causes soft tissues to crust over and harden.


The Clauth's only bones are in its tiny, clawed legs and powerful jaws, the rest of its body a soft, stretchy, sticky membrane of flesh. Capable of flight, it attempts to wrap itself around prey from above and smother the victim to death, secreting a powerful numbing drug from its sweat glands.


Slow moving on land but quite fast in liquid environments, this amphibious predator ambushes prey with its thin, tentacular arms, lined with stinging cells that cause the victim's body to excrete most of its own blood. The monster's extendable neck is surprisingly strong, and can slash with its flat, bladed skull.


This large, floating monster wraps prey in its membranous hands, digests their outer tissues and secretes a bony, jointed exoskeleton in its place. Victims seek mindlessly to defend the Ostorth at all costs, but will eventually harden in place and expire.


This bony, segmented creature is most feared for the neurotoxin secreted through its anterior horn, but the power of its whiplike movements and constricting strength can be dangerous enough. Every segment is a different, vibrant color and no two individuals have the same combination in the same order. It is a favorite monster of the Boo Man, Stingg, an instance of which may have commissioned their original design.


A popular guard beast and starter monster, the Narlak combines a powerful bite with strong, dextrous tentacles and a fine coating of urticating hairs, inducing an itchy rash with just a touch. It produces a canine barking when pleased and a high pitched, metallic squeal when irritated.



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