A bioconstruct whose brain was reverse-engineered from samples of Unknown-class monsters. Its throbbing, luminous fingertips and eyes cause onlookers to perceive an entirely different, unidentifiable environment around them. As this environment varies from one individual to another, it isn't certain whether the effects represent a vision of other realities or are more driven by the subject's imagination.

The Zebias is a filter-feeder and sleeps in aquatic environments while its body gathers nutrients.


Engineered to compete with the Bonezark, the Krazoo has many similar capabilities but lacks the amphibious qualities and hardened skeleton, compensating with the ability to glide long distances and emit a paralyzing howl. It is also known for its elaborate coloration, which is unique to every individual.


Known as the "Amoeba Head," a deadly assassin whose solid, clawed body and amorphous, corrosive cranium work in deadly tandem.


An ancient hunter-killer with a torso that can stretch and contort to great lengths. It dislikes being seen, and resorts to stealthier behavior and ambush tactics in daylight. A larger brain in its shoulder is devoted entirely to analyzing the vitality readings of its quarry and determining the most vulnerable points to strike at with its long and powerful talons.


Though soft and stretchy, this monster's body is nearly solid muscle and can fracture a skull with a whip-like crack of its extremities. It feels little pain, and has a redundant set of organs in each of its five branches, allowing it to endure incredible amounts of damage


Sometimes called an "egg harpy," this monster continuously produces non-viable eggs containing a highly volatile concoction of explosive acids. It prefers to drop its eggs on prey from high above, but with careful muscle concentration it can learn to launch them vertically. Depraven treat these creatures with an uncharacteristic respect, and seem to regard them as their mothers despite no known biological relationship.


An old experiment by sea-vampires, considered a failure compared to more powerful beasts like the Barnaclops and Makkoron. Its strength is still serviceable, and it can seal its body completely between its dual shells.


A large beast focused on sheer crushing strength, able to bend steel girders in the grip of its claw-like body. It feeds by ambush hunting, burying itself on its back and clamping shut on prey.


Two wildly different monsters joined by their digestive system, the "Lug" is slow, heavy, extremely resilient to most environments and physical injury and can secrete a protective, sticky slime. The "Zug" is wickedly fast, cunning and well armed but relatively sensitive and must retreat to its twin to regenerate and de-stress.


The bizarre sound of this monster's breath through its basket-like body has a disorienting, dizzying effect on most monsters but whips Arthropoids into a frenzy of dancing and jittering. Its preferred attack method is to wrap prey in its razor-sharp tendrils and anchor itself firmly in place with its clawed feet, the victim's own struggling shredding it apart.



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