I originally promised I would shoot towards 100 of these, but that proved a little too arduous after all. With this seventh page, however, we're adding seven more monsters for a final total of 71 fully canon, spontaneous bonus monsters in just eight weeks. I'm going to call that close enough to a success!


The "wrecking ball" monster, capable of retracting into a metallic sphere or unfurling with enough force to catapult itself into the air. If all else fails, it may attempt to crush prey directly between the halves of the iron-hard shell.


A sinuous creature that flings forth its sticky, ingrown snout to "lasso" its prey. Its sickle-like talons are both paralyzing stings and fluid-sucking feeding appendages. By coiling into a spring-like shape, it can hurl itself an impressive distance.


A huge, boneless, amphibious guard beast capable of changing coloration and texture. It generates enormous amounts of internal heat, venting scalding water from its maw to roast prey where it stands. In aquatic environments, its respiratory action produces a continuous whirlpool that draws prey deep into the boiling depths of its gullet.


Its buzzing cry is amplified by its flaring maw, and can reach physically damaging intensity. While deafened prey reels in pain, it pulls them inside with its barbed tongues.


Large but fast, the Ekrethoss is designed to race through the battlefield, scoop up a target and consume it without so much as slowing down, one of several monsters such as the Esophagullet and Gruemaw that were known to old tacticians as "people eaters." If cornered, it regurgitates its last meal with extreme physical force.


Also called a "tower anemone" for its habit of hanging off the walls of the highest buildings it can find, waiting to ensnare crows or sootmoths. Each pincer-tipped tentacle is a functioning mouth, and both its body and tentacles can stretch quite far. It attempts to blind more troublesome prey with a spray of black, sticky powder from its mantle.

Side note: I saw myself drawing this monster in a dream.


An ancient hunter-killer of almost mythical status, feared for its relentless nature, unfathomable intellect and luminous nails that burn through almost any physical matter. A swarm of wasplike symbiotes constitute the creature's "brain," each possessing a complete backup of its memories. They cannot travel far from the body, but the sting of a Vnzt mindwasp is the most painful on record.



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