SCUMBRELLA - The Drizzler



With an incredibly lightweight structure, natural biochemical buoyancy and precise control of its own electromagnetic field, this monster can hover indefinitely or rocket through the air as it pleases, often drifting miles in the sky until its powerful vision identifies an enticing meal. Due to its fragility, it prefers to attack from a safe distance by raining its black, burning acid down upon its prey, descending once the victim has ceased moving and employing its bony, hollow proboscis to feed on the subsequent stew of boiled bodily fluids. If attacked, it can release an electrical shock by physical contact, but will typically make an effort to avoid such proximity to a potential threat.

A Scumbrella often preys upon, and is often preyed upon in turn, by its fellow drifter the Sneezola, though they have also been observed hunting in tandem with one another. It is also known to closely follow Miasmadusa, enjoying the cover of the larger monster and consuming scraps of its meals in an almost remora-like fashion.

A Scumbrella attracts a mate with loud, bright bursts of electricity, pushing its resilience to the limit as it nearly fries its own tissues. Reproduction occurs by the intertwining of proboscises, and each partner will brood a number of small offspring along the lining of their inner membranes.


As vulnerable as it is dangerous, a Scumbrella is always on high alert for danger and extremely cautious of the unfamiliar. It regards all other creatures as a potential danger regardless of their species, never entirely trusting that a given monster isn't waiting to unleash another unexpected attack strategy the moment it lets its guard down.

Through this lens of perpetual, hypothetical persecution, it finds immense satisfaction in every successful kill of its own, its acid attack often accompanied by the electrical buzzing and zapping that constitutes its laughter.


Scumbrella are not only fast and deadly killers, but their heightened awareness makes them exceptional at information gathering, tracking, security patrol and problem solving. They are also by necessity extremely sensitive to weather patterns, and a particularly ancient specimen operates as Mortasheen's most reliable weatherman.

Though it requires sufficient training, a Scumbrella can learn to concentrate its acid into a single, momentary high-pressure stream doubly serving as a conduit for a long-distance electrical blast, an emergency maneuver that can reduce a not-insignificant portion of the monster to charred tatters.


AGILITY: the Scumbrella is extremely maneuverable through the air.

ELECTROSHOCK: the creature's touch can fry another organism with electricity.

ACID RAIN: the Scumbrella can shower prey with acid from the interior of its membranous body.

PAINY DAY: as a last resort, the monster can incapacitate itself to unleash a combination acidic-electric blast.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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