SEPTICORPSE - the Festering Grave


   A rare and ancient weapon, this sedentary monster lives only hours, but its true power manifests only as its corpse begins to decompose, its bizarre biochemical secretions fermenting into a cocktail of extremely potent mutagens. Microorganisms feasting in its steaming innards can rapidly evolve into aggressive but short-lived pathogens, while multicellular life erupts with transmissible cancers, aggressive tissue disorders and undocumented malformities on contact with its oozing juices. A halo of blackened, surreal plant life slowly spreads out from its base, and infected insects surround it in a cloud of deadly contagion, too dependent on their corrupt food source to stray far.

   A Septicorpse's dense, hard-skinned body may sluggishly rot for many years before its withered heart is finally exposed, cracking open and releasing hairy, wind-driven spores. Monster trainers may keep their corpses in deep freeze between deployments, or equipped with a removable life-support plug until their services are needed. Though mildly intelligent, they eagerly await death, regarding their prolonged decay as a beautiful new "life."



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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