SHREECH - The Banshee Eel


   Closely related to the Shreeg, the Shreech functions as a smaller, more agile sonic blaster.


This flexible, floating monster can retract to a squat stump or stretch into a sinuous ribbon, undulating silently through the air until ready to emit its deafening, agonizing wail. Like the larger Shreeg, most of its body is adapted to generate vibration and emit sound from its mouth, eye sockets, ears and nostrils, all adapted to function as additional vocal pipes and sonar pits.

More drifter than flier, the Shreech employs its clawed tail to anchor itself in place, grazing in a circle on biofilms such as algae or bacterial mats.


Shreech are more mischievous than the sluggish, gentle Shreeg, and enjoy startling other beings with their voices or practicing the most torturous, obnoxious "songs" they can concoct. They are delighted by other sound-producing monsters, such as Eledirge or instances of Whail, and may seek them out to complement one another's "music."


Shreech were designed to accompany Shreeg in a deadly "backup chorus," and are similarly popular in musical performances. Due to their smaller size, they are less capable of inflicting structural damage but significantly faster, lighter and more portable, easily concealed in small spaces or carried by other beings as a form of living weaponry.


ECHOLOCATION: The Shreech's natural sonar provides a detailed map of its surroundings without the need for visual input.

VOCAL BLAST: The Shreech can emit a paralyzing, agonizing scream.

FLOATATION: The Shreech's gas-filled organs allow it to defy gravity.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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