SHREEG - The Cartilaginous Banshee


   The Shreeg is a bulky, slow-moving guard beast capable of emitting an intense screams and howls from its vocal pits, including a destructively powerful shockwave.


The rubbery, cartilaginous body of this hulking monster houses more than sixty feet of coiled vibrational tubes and an intricate resonance labyrinth unique to every individual, allowing it to produce a range of vocalizations from thunderous, rumbling bellows to piercing wails. Even the creature's eye sockets are geared towards emitting sound, with additional aural systems in its tubular limbs and posterior. Lacking sight, it depends strictly upon echolocation to navigate its surroundings.

Shreeg feed on a variety of organic materials, especially dry, dead vegetation sucked into their toothless, slotlike throats.

When threatened, a Shreeg unleashes the full force of its vocal system simultaneously through its facial and forelimb pits, generating an explosion of sonic vibration powerful enough to paralyze or injure other organisms. Physical contact with a screaming Shreeg is even more dangerous, the vibration intense enough to shake apart solid matter while the dense, rubbery monster remains unharmed.


Shreeg are adept climbers, but dislike moving until absolutely necessary. They will typically cling to a large enough tree, utility column or wall and fall fast asleep until motivated to fight or hungry for mosses and lichens.

Though incapable of producing them itself, the Shreeg is fascinated by soft and melodious sounds. It takes great care not to harm songbirds, and will frighten them off with a harmless ultrasonic squeak before unleashing its voice on opponents. Ironically, it is spooked by loud noises that are not its own.


Shreeg were first created as ornamental guard beasts, occupying specialized alcoves designed to amplify their voices. Today, their ground-shuddering roars and skull-splitting screams have made them especially popular with musicians.


ECHOLOCATION: The Shreeg's natural sonar provides a detailed map of its surroundings without the need for visual input.

VOCAL BLAST: The Shreeg can emit a paralyzing, agonizing scream.

TREMOR TOUCH: The vibrations of a howling Shreeg can directly damage surrounding material.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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