SHUMOTH - The Polypous Shambler


   These oozing, throbbing, undulating mountains of alien flesh ocassionally "leak" into our dimension through invisible rifts created by the earliest experiments in matter teleportation, and exist in a constant state of bewilderment and agitation, lost in a universe they have difficulty comprehending. It is not known what they feed upon, but organic beings are sucked into their mass only to be ejected in a comatose state, hairless and toothless. Sapient victims are known to babble and cry out about impossible concepts as "sharp colors" or "dead angles" until recovery, but have no memory of what they experienced during this state. Mentally, Shumoth can understand and express basic, primal concepts but are unable to communicate the finer details of their homeworld or biology.

   The surface of a Shumoth is an ever-changing array of seemingly random appendages and orifices, their only consistent features identified as ocular orbs, tympanic membranes and an olfactory trunk capable of spraying a defensive acid. Organs of over two dozen other varieties come and go from a Shumoth's body with no apparent pattern, and their functions remain unknown. Reproduction has never been observed, and it has been theorized that the Shumoth represents an immature or incomplete organism, possibly only a small fragment of a greater organic mass.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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