SKUZBUG - The Brainsucker


  Originating from an experiment in paradimensional warping, the alien Skuzbug feeds only upon brain tissue, drilling into skulls with its proboscis and extracting the entire brain with surgical precision. It secretes a sedative and growth hormone as it feeds, ensuring the victim feels no pain and will completely regrow its lost organ, though they may never fully recover their intellect. Skuzbug can sense the location of past prey, regularly making their rounds to harvest the regenerated tisues.

When threatened, a Skuzbug can spray incredibly noxious, burning oil from its trunk; the unique waste matter of its otherworldly digestive processes. It may also roll into an armored wheel to traverse smooth terrain, and is a strong burrower.

One in a million Skuzbug seem to grow larger with each brain they consume, and may eventually molt into a Tentabog.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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