SLASHRIEK - The Night Skulker


   A relentless mastermind of assassination, the dread Slashriek can calculate innumerable ways to kill its target with or without its own daggerlike claw, turning virtually anything available into an improvised deathtrap. Most feared of all is the monster's Intellectual Dampening Wave, a signal broadcast from its snout with debilitating effects on neurological activity, impairing its victim's judgment, coordination and reaction time while increasing paranoia and emotional impulsiveness. One telltale sign of Slashriek activity is the sudden, inexplicable decision by a well-armed group to "split up" and "cover more ground."

   Slashriek may imitate and project any sound or voice to further manipulate their targets, including a disorienting screech that seems to emanate from all directions simultaneously. Their vicious jaws are usually concealed beneath their facial shields.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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