SLOBBULAR - The Drooling Oaf


   Nearly half the weight of this bloated, imbecilic mutant is often pure saliva, stored by the gallon in abdominal sacs until needed. The thick, sticky spittle contains a powerful numbing agent and hardens into a nearly unbreakable resin on any surface but the Slobbular's own oily skin, allowing it to quickly imprison prey in a torrent of gooey froth. Toothless, it employs its rough tongue to shave through flesh until it reaches soft entrails, which it messily gulps down whole. It squeals pig-like when annoyed, and is capable of bouncing an impressive distance off its rubbery stomach. It has a fondness for bright colors and tends to put small, attractive objects in its mouth regardless of edibility.

   Particularly intelligent Slobbular can sculpt a variety of useful tools and weapons from their spit, and one is renowned throughout Mortasheen for crafting some of the city's finest mucus-based art.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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