While most swarming invertebrates are a welcome presence at any social gathering, family dwelling or dining facility, there are circumstances under which some minute arthropods pose an inconvenience or biological hazard, and many varieties are actively weaponized by more cunning creatures, from the handsome Infestoad to the beautiful Scabberant. The Slurpentine is a monster uniquely designed to contend with the threat of swarms, though it also enjoys many other uses.


The Slurpentine's gelatinous, ribbonlike body can extend for several dozen yards, every inch thickly coated in an adhesive, honey-like slime layer and intoxicating chemical concoction. Regardless of an organism's diet, a Slurpentine smells overpoweringly like its preferred food, its narcotic perfume drowning out all cognitive functions but the instinct to feed. Even larger monsters are lured by its mind-bending, candy-like aroma, allowing it to neutralize swarm masters almost as easily as their numerous symbiotes.

A Slurpentine feeds primarily on insects and other tiny organisms digested and absorbed through its jelly-like skin, but can supplement its diet with blood drawn through its hollow teeth. When not feeding, it usually remains hidden within its mobile shell, itself a separate, mindless monster attracted to the sound of dense insect activity.


Slurpentine are solitary creatures, and primarily only interested in food. Allowed to do so, a Slurpentine will simply anchor itself somewhere upside-down and dangle its long, sticky body where insects are likely to blunder into it.


As a swarm management specialist, the Slurpentine is carefully engineered to incapacitate large volumes of small organisms as quickly and efficiently as possible, a skill applicable to personal defense, food acquisition, zoological research and expressionist art.

A Slurpentine's flesh can be dried into an attractive, rock-hard resin, particularly sought after with rare and interesting insects still suspended within.


FRAGRANT LURE: the same sweet secretions used by the monster as an insect attractant can lull other monsters into a state of mindless hunger and dull-witted compliance.

ADHESIVE SLIME: the Slurpentine can thicken and concentrate its sticky outer layer to firmly mire prey regardless of size, or cling to surfaces at any angle.

BINDING COILS: the Slurpentine's ribbonlike main body can unfurl a significant length and is far too elastic to be easily broken. Together with its glue secretion, the monster can wrap around and disable almost any opponent.

SHELLED BODY: the Slurpentine can retreat completely into its independently conscious secondary body, its rubbery but incredibly dense shell resistant to many common threats including heat, electricity and corrosives.

LEECHING FANGS: a Slurpentine can drain bloody rapidly through its hollow teeth, further incapacitating or killing prey already caught in its flypaper-like grasp.



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