SNILE - The Grinning Stalker


   This bouncing, trotting monster of indeterminate origin displays only a crude intellect and apparently exists in a state of uninterrupted euphoria, delighted and fascinated by even the most mundane sights and smells it passes by. Visual contact with its grinning visage, however, immediately induces an uncontrollable sense of dread in sapient biotypes, and subjects of its full, focused concentration experience an overwhelming rush of emotional trauma, convinced that the creature has "whispered" to them but unable to describe what was actually communicated. Those affected continue to perceive the monster everywhere they turn, its staring face plainly visible even (or especially) in total darkness. Unable to bear its haunting presence, they may flee in aimless directions or even seek self-destruction, and survivors may be plagued by nightmares of the being for years to come.

   No amount of mental preparation seems to lessen the effects of a Snile's "whisper;" even those intimately familiar with the nature of forced neurological reprogramming consistently express that the Snile's attack is "different" and "real" in ways only a fellow victim could possibly understand. Those who nurture and respect a Snile long enough appear to develop a permanent immunity to their effects.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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