Snithernash - The Slinking Snatcher


The Snithernash is renowned for its versatility and intelligence, but can be difficult to discipline. The sting of its tongue causes memory loss.


The Snithernash is a soft, flexible pseudomammaloid with a tough, elastic inorganic skin and serpentine spinal column, constantly contorting and rippling with an almost weightless grace. Carnivorous, it prefers to prey on small avians, rodents and reptiles, easily pursuing prey into tight hiding spaces.

Lacking eyes, a Snithernash senses its surroundings primarily through its delicate, branching tongue, sensitive to light and vibration as well as taste and smell. Nematocysts lining this same tongue deliver a psychotropic toxin causing a permanent loss of between six and fifteen hours of memory, typically erasing any knowledge of the Snithernash's presence.

Born sexless, a Snithernash emits a shrill, stereo cackling sound to communicate with potential mates, and a mating couple will begin to consume one another tail-first. The longer Snithernash, first to gnaw its way up to its partner's heart, will subsequently regenerate into a female packed with fertilized eggs, and increase its intake of meat almost tenfold until its young are ready to nonlethally chew their way out from their mother's skin.

Snithernash blood is an oily rainbow of hues in direct light, and their rubbery skin smells like burning charcoal.


The Snithernash is a deceitful and conniving creature with a brilliant but pathologic inclination towards trickery and sabotage, rarely interested in attaining anything through any means other than cheating. It gets along well with like-minded trainers who encourage treachery and even respect a degree of betrayal, while the unprepared may find themselves the butt of their own Snithernash's most insidious schemes...and remember none of them.


MEMORY SLURP: a lick from the Snithernash's tongue blanks several hours of memory.

SLINKING FORM: the monster's serpentine body is incredibly flexible and agile.

ANALYTICAL SENSES: the Snithernash's tongue receives a variety of information from all directions, making it difficult to surprise or fool the monster and giving it a powerful edge in its own unscrupulous tactics.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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