SOLVADARI - The Mad Painter


   These strange monsters were first discovered in the underground vault of an unknown, long dead artist, perpetually painting over his pieces with surreal new imagery. Legend holds that they destroyed their master when their artistic tastes began to differ, while others believe they were fully intended to distort and reinterpret his pieces for all time as a part of the artwork themselves.

   Whatever the case, every Solvadari perceives the world around it in a uniquely abstracted manner, and can produce a finely detailed image in mere seconds with its highly coordinated brush-fingers. In dangerous situations, it can mix its organic paint with strands of psychoactive cells manufactured in its spinal column, creating an image that reacts with nearby consciousness to force a desired emotional response in the onlooker. It may paint a face that terrifies other beings beyond all reason, an optical illusion that transfixes the simple-minded or a complex pattern that the viewer dares not damage.

   With no canvas available, a Solvadari will paint on its own faceplate, slowly destroying the image as it oozes fresh paint. This is the monster's preferred method of expressing emotion, but it may take years of observation to interpret a single specimen's "faces."



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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